Top 5 Leather jackets from around the world

Here is the list of 5 of the best leather jackets from around the world

  1. Brown Skull leather jacket
  2. Men Black distressed leather jacket
  3. Ninja Assassin Creed Syndicates Trench Coat
  4. Kung FuryDavid Hasselhoff Jacket
  5. Eddie Eagle Jacket For Men

These are the latest collection of jackets from around the world and are now available online


Kung Fury Jacket


We all know David Hasselhoff from Bay watch and the popular series The Knight Rider, not a lot of people know that David also played a voice role as Hoff 9000 in Kung Fury, Kung Fury wore a cobra printed jacket in this short movie and the jacket has been a hit since then however not everyone has this jacket, The jacket is made from genuine leather with Kung Fury embroidery in the back and the cobra printed on the back with tattoos on the sleeves, A very classy jackets for all occasions


Brown Skull Leather Jacket


Originally made in Italy now also available in USA and Europe, this classy very unique style jacket is a masterpiece, made from genuine leather with skull and bones stitched in the back and then distressed and waxed gives this jacket a look for all the admirers of the skull signature, RIDE skull jacket now


Eddie Eagle Jacket


Jacket worn by Hugh Jackman from the movie Eddie Eagle inspired by true events, this jacket is made from cotton and is perfect for occasions like ski and partying out, it is a perfect color combination and high-quality cotton is used in preparation of this jacket, A perfect Gentlemen jacket


Men Black Distressed Jacket

Black-vintage-distressed-jacket (2)

Inspired by several brands this jacket was altered and the look is right in front of you, mastermind of this jacket is unknown however this jacket is popular on Amazon and eBay and this summer this biker style jacket is a super hit, prices vary due to fluctuations in quality, so do not comprise for saving small bucks


Ninja Assassin Creed Syndicates Coat


From fantasy to reality, yes the Ninja Assassin Creed costume is back this season and was a hit last Halloween and we are probably looking at the same numbers again, the trench coat is well prepared with faux leather to bring the price down and well stitched to fit your body, so hurry and grab this coat




Fashion 2017

Every movie you see or every celebrity you watch on television there is one thing common that is the jackets they wear are awesome, nowadays jackets are not just to keep you warm it is also a fashion trend

Everyone in the world follows their idol Hero or actresses and they try their best to copy the fashion wear and are willing to pay to be just like them, every time a new movie is released you will see the fashion wear out on the streets and people actually buy those jackets online or from their best retail shops.

Some of the hottest followed celebrities are Jennifer Lopez, Emma Swan, Kim Kardashian, Caroline Channing, Tom cruise, Brad Pitt, Peter Quill, Chris Pratt, Matt Ryan, Ryan Gosling and much more

Most of the consumer actually purchases the jackets even before the movie is out by watching trailers on either or youtube videos, there are several online shops as well where people can buy these jackets such as,,

There are over 10000 websites selling celebrity clothes and jackets and releases those jackets way before time, some of the hottest jackets are inspired from Blade runner 2049 Ryan Goslin Coat, guardians of the Galaxy jacket, Power Rangers jackets, Emma Swan red leather jackets and much more,

These jackets are also used during Halloween parties and last year winner was Suicide Squad Joker coat for men and Harley Quinn Jacket for women, this year winner is not decided yet,

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